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Changzhou Wuyi Lamps Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer with a history of more than 30 years that integrates design, development, and production of automotive lamps and internal and external accessories. At present, the main sound products are a complete series of lamps for passenger years, commercial years and construction machinery years. Including L ED front combination headlights, LED rear combination lights (rear taillights), LED work lights, LED signal lights, rear-view calves and expanding pulse kettles ------

Congratulations to Zhidou for winning the eleventh new pure electric passenger car qualification

On March 1, the National Development and Reform Commission's online approval and supervision platform for investment projects approved the Lanzhou Zhidou pure electric passenger vehicle project with an annual output of 40,000 Zhidou, and the approval result was approved. This means that Zhidou will become the second company to obtain the qualification for the production of new pure electric passenger vehicles in 2017. After more than ten years of hard work, it has finally been recognized. This is also followed by BAIC New Energy, Yangtze River Automobile, Great Wall Huaguan, Chery New Energy, After Min'an Automobile, Wanxiang Group, Jiangling New Energy, Chongqing Jinkang, Guoneng New Energy and Yundu, it is the eleventh enterprise that has obtained the qualification for newly-built pure electric production.

The company's 2016 annual work summary and commendation meeting

Time flies, the years flies, the busy 2016 has passed in a blink of an eye, and the expectant 2017 is coming to us. The new year gives birth to new goals and hopes. On the afternoon of January 20, 2016, all employees of the company held the 2016 annual meeting in the company employee conference center. The company's chairman Wang Huasheng, general manager Xu Yumei and other leaders and all employees of the company gathered together to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, and spent a pleasant and unforgettable time together. At the meeting, Chairman Wang Huasheng made the company's 2016 work report. The report summarized the company's outstanding achievements in 2016, pointed out the company's existing problems and shortcomings, and deployed the company's key tasks in 2017; at the same time, the leaders of each department summarized the work in 2016. The annual meeting also commended advanced individuals and teams with outstanding achievements in 2016. After the annual meeting, the company organized a dinner for all employees. The employees of the company are enthusiastic and unrestrained, and they also performed self-edited, self-directed, self-acting theatrical programs. The content was wonderful and the climax was repeated. The glorious 2016 has passed, and 2017 full of hopes and challenges is quietly coming. In the past year, we have smiled, struggled, and reaped. Facing 2017, we are full of longing and passion. Let us use confidence and courage to move forward with our heads to write a brighter future.  

Changzhou wuyi lamps and lanterns co., LTD. Wish new and old customers happy New Year's day!

Sincere hand in hand, our wealth win-win. In the same boat, we share the wind and rain. Strive for success, we share. The New Year is about to begin. Cause transpiration, life is beautiful, changzhou wuyi lamps and lanterns co., LTD. Wish new and old customers a happy New Year! Back in 2016, it is because of the many new and old customers the support and trust, we can obtain the now, in the coming 2017 years, changzhou May Day lighting co., LTD. All my colleagues will, as always adhering to the "good faith management, innovation unlimited" business philosophy, and sincerely look forward to further cooperation with you, hand in hand to create a harvest of 2017! In the next 2017, we will work harder, more forge ahead, we firmly believe that our efforts will create a different sky! "One dollar after the beginning of the United States, Viennese update beautiful spring", the pace of the New Year approaching, Changzhou Wuyi Lighting Co., Ltd. all colleagues here wish in 2017, can work together with the majority of customers progress, happy cooperation, can work together with many new and old friends, enhance friendship. I wish all old and new friends a great success in 2017! Have a successful career! Good health! Happy family!

Hubei Health and Family Planning Commission: "Three Steps" to Promote the Innovation of Ideological and Political Work

Ideological and political work is the fine tradition and political advantage of our Party, and it is the "lifeline" of health and family planning work under the new normal. It is related to the implementation of the "Four Comprehensives" strategic layout, the major decisions and arrangements of the Central Committee, the "two studies and one action" and the "three grasps and one promotion" activities. In recent years, Hubei Provincial Commission of Health and Family Planning has continuously innovated the carrier of ideological and political work and explored new practice paths. Through the three steps of "master switch", "navigation light" and "ballast stone", Hubei Provincial Commission of Health and Family Planning has made positive progress and good results. Provincial health and family planning commission has been the central Wen Mingwei awarded "the third and fourth session of the national civilized unit", science-education-culture-health body union by China national committee awarded the "national advanced trade union organization yuanguang soft body system", by hubei provincial party committee, the provincial government awarded the "provincial comprehensive administration of social management superior unit", "the building spiritual civilization advanced work units", "whole province were the first to fight for their preferred into grass-roots party organizations", "best civilized unit" at the provincial level, provincial party committee and government, the role and duty outstanding units, excellent unit "three catch a promotion". He has introduced his experience in the ideological and political work conference of the national health and family planning system, the training class on the creation of civilized units of the national health and family planning system and the national health ideological and political promotion conference. First, tighten the "master switch", grasp the "three dimensions", the ideological and political work "soft" work "hard" We will always keep ideological and political work in the right political direction, and work with the "soft" approach and the "hard" approach, so that ideological and political work under the new normal will always be "hard". Establish mechanism and clear path, and grasp the "high" dimension of top-level design. Comply with the health to family planning system development trend of ideological and political work, health and family planning commission of hubei province has worked out the "about family planning system under the new situation to strengthen and improve the health of the guidance of ideological and political work", "on strengthening the construction of the party cadres opinions (try out)" and so on five files, pay attention to the innovation of the ideological and political work into the first responsibility, we will deepen reform of the medical and health system the first pursuit to improve people's health and well-being, enriching the connotation of the health family planning construction of the first priority, focus on the ideological and political work to Tibet by xinjiang family planning in various fields, such as foreign aid assistance to health extending tentacles. Released reform dividends, complied with the fertility intentions, ensures that the ebola hemorrhagic fever, people H7N9 influenza infection, respiratory syndrome in the Middle East and other major disease prevention and control of overall victory, especially in the event of an "Oriental star" beforehand, provincial, city and county level health family planning system resolutely implement the central and provincial committee and the state health and family planning commission, the decision to deploy, sincerely touching chapter wrote to heal the wounded and rescue the dying, medical, was highly affirmation and rescue the wounded by premier li keqiang, relatives of the victims of sincerity moved, demonstrates the strong vitality of ideological and political work. Conduct heavy strict, grasp the pace of the "new" dimension. In the health and family planning system of the province, we strongly recommend "Xi Jinping: The Governance of China", "General Secretary Xi Jinping Series of Important Speeces Readings", "Xi Jinping on the construction of Party style, clean government and fight against corruption Excerpts", "Deep Knowledge and Deep Love" and other required reading books. Party group main leadership has sent a letter to the province health and family planning system staff 2 times, recommended to learn "young cadres 36" avoid ", "in the cadre reserve work to the party spirit cultivation fall down small implementation" and other articles, in the province health and family planning system to create a strong atmosphere of unity of knowledge and action. At the same time, through the discussion-based, experience, research and other arm model, multi-cultural theory innovation of the group to take, more than the CPC leadership led, party building expert guide, will be titled, r

During his visit to Peking University, Xi Jinping stressed that young people should consciously practice the core socialist values and work together with the motherland and the people to create a wonderful life

President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, visits Peking University in Beijing, capital of China, May 4, 2019. This is Xi watching the Peking University students and teachers commemorate the 95th anniversary of the May 4th Movement youth poetry.   Xinhua News Agency reporter (Ma Zhancheng) Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 4 Xu Jingyue, Huo Xiaoguang) On the May 4th Youth Day, a festival of youth, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, President of the People's Republic of China and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, visited Peking University. On behalf of the CPC Central Committee, Xi extended holiday greetings to young people of all ethnic groups in China and paid high tribute to educators and young workers across the country. He stressed that core values, which carry the spiritual pursuit of a nation and a country, are the most lasting and deepest strength. Young people should start from now on, start from themselves, study hard, cultivate morality, be discerning, and be realistic, make the core socialist values become their basic principles, and vigorously promote them to the whole society, and strive to create their own wonderful life in the great practice of realizing the Chinese dream. This year marks the 95th anniversary of the May 4th Movement. Peking University is the center of China's New Culture Movement and the origin of the May 4th Movement. Xi Jinping has always been concerned about the reform and development of Peking University as well as the study, work and life of its teachers and students. In recent years, he has visited Peking University many times for investigation and research. Spring Yan Garden, lake light tower shadow, green trees whirling. At 9:00 a.m., Xi, accompanied by Zhu Shanlu, Party Secretary of Peking University, and Wang Enge, President of Peking University, visited the Humanities and Social Sciences Achievements Exhibition at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Peking University. The exhibition showcases important academic achievements made by Peking University in literature, history, philosophy and archaeology, as well as important documents collected by Peking University Library, including many translations of The Communist Manifesto. Xi Jinping had a detailed understanding of the development of humanities and social sciences from Prof. Ma Ke Yao and Prof. Yuan Xingpei, and praised the achievements made by Peking University in inheriting and carrying forward excellent traditional Chinese culture. On the north side of the room is a small and quiet courtyard. Professor Tang Yijie, an 87-year-old famous philosopher, came out of the study room to welcome the general secretary. Xi Jinping quickly walked up to him and entered the study room to have a chat with him. Tang Yijie introduced the compilation of a large series of traditional Chinese studies, Confucian Zang. Xi asked him about his difficulties and needs and praised him for his diligent and rigorous academic spirit. After stepping out of the research room, Xi Jinping communicated with the teachers and students in the courtyard. He said that to promote China's reform and development and realize modernization, we need the guidance of philosophy, the inspiration of history and the power of literature. The study of literature, history and philosophy should pay attention to people's spiritual world, pay attention to social realistic problems, actively respond to social concerns, help people better understand themselves and the world, and establish the direction and confidence for continuous progress. This is the social responsibility that contemporary academic research should undertake. Founded in 2010, the Biodynamic Optical Imaging Center at Peking University is engaged in basic research in life sciences and medicine using the most advanced biological imaging and gene sequencing methods. Xi was there to watch a multimedia presentation, learn about the research and application of new technologies such as screening of fetal genetic diseases and early diagnosis of cancer, and watch the fertilization of animal egg cells and the extraction of polar cells through a microscope. Xi urged researchers to work hard to tackle key problems and be brave in innovation. Xie Xiaoliang, director of the center and a member of the National Academy of Sciences, told the general secretary that he is determined to return to China to work full-time and will lead a team to attract more outstanding talents from overseas. "Very good," Xi said. Now that China's national strength has grown, we need to have the confidence to work together to accomplish big things. The key is to allocate the best resources, give full play to the wisdom of all kinds of people, and pool the talents of the world to make good use of them. Through the realization of people's life dreams and career drea

Welcome to the official website of Changzhou Wuyi Lamps Co.,Ltd.

Changzhou Wuyi Lamps Co.,Ltd. is located at Menghe Town, Changzhou New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. The company covers the land of 98,000 square meters with registered capital of 10.8 Million Yuan. The company has more than 30 years’ experience of concept design, research & development and manufacturing of auto lamps. It is a leading enterprise specializing in the manufacture of full range of lightings, rear mirror, soft & hard PVC dashboard, internal top decoration pieces, large and small escape hatch skylights and so on for passenger and commercial vehicles. With annual production volume of more than one million sets, Wuyi has being main supplier of passenger vehicle manufacturer including BAIC Group, GAC Group, ZOTYE Auto, Geely Xindayang, Geely Kandi, Chongqing Lifan, JAC, Beijing Hawtai Mortor, Ruichi, Dojo Group, Minth Group, Levdeo, Henan Benma, Baoya and Supaq; On the field of commercial vehicles, Wuyi is the creditable partner to Golden Dragon, Kinglong, Gonow, Foton AUV, JAC Bus, Hyundai Bus, Dawoo, BYD, Wuling Automotive, FAW, Dongfeng, Huanghai Bus, Young Neo Pullan, Henan Shaolin etc. On the field of heavy truck, the company mainly supply to Foton, SINO TRUK, Hubei Qixin, Jirui heavy truck, JAC and FAW Sichuan. Wuyi is also a supplier to SANY, Liugong and TEREX. Company has import and export rights and the products are exported to global market including  Europe, America, Oceania, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc., The enterprise has already passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in 2000 and qualified ISO/ TS16949 international quality system authentication in 2006. Besides, the products have already qualified the CCC and E-mark authentication, which shall meet demand for national standard, enterprise standard and customers. Wuyi also being awarded with the prize of ‘Jiangsu High and New Tech Enterprise’ by government in 2007. Taking quality and technology as core value to build a high quality product while enforcing management to satisfy our customer. Wuyi strives to seal Wuyi brand for years by possessing a deeper and better product quality and system management. We sincerely welcome both domestic and international customer to cooperate with us!

The new energy bus can use LED lights that save 70% electricity

In the case of dual favorable policy and market, China's new energy bus in 2015 to hand over a beautiful domestic and foreign markets report card, however, we have to see, as the core parts of new energy bus, power battery mileage has become a bottleneck problem for the sustainable development of new energy bus. To solve this problem, we should not only face the research and development of the power battery itself, but also consider the various aspects of bus consumption reduction, such as headlights. New energy buses can use LED If our new energy bus can reduce the power by 70% by using new LED headlights, compared to using traditional headlights, then can our battery range and life be increased accordingly? But the question is, where are the LED car lights? Is the technology mature and the quality reliable? Can the service life be equivalent to our current total service life of passenger cars? Most importantly, will the price of such a product increase the cost of the whole vehicle? The answer is yes. Changzhou Wuyi Lighting Co., Ltd., which has been engaged in the research and development of LED energy-saving and environmental protection products for more than ten years, has solved the energy-saving problem of China's new energy bus lights by providing automotive special components and lamp modules for many major world-class lamp factories. Area of confidence assurance In response to the government policy of energy conservation and emissions reduction, changzhou lamps co., LTD. Want to at home and abroad for many years May Day light innovation technology, high quality, low price of research and development and production capacity of China's transportation (especially new energy bus) provides full service car headlights, in order to reduce 70% of its electricity with a large number of emission reduction of green LED light products, to speed up the use of leds in the passenger car lighting. In particular, the introduction of high-end technology and innovative products of LED headlamp is expected to bring niche products of energy saving, long life and high safety to the Chinese bus market, and takes the development of standards of high safety and high-end products as its own responsibility, so as to ensure the traffic safety and energy saving and carbon reduction of the transportation industry. Headlights on commercial vehicles, especially buses and trucks, are different from car headlights, and our 15 years of development has solved this technical problem. At the same time, bus manufacturers are more sensitive to the cost, "our products can not only guarantee a ten-year service life, but also reduce the price to 1,000 yuan." "It is our mission to innovate and make breakthroughs, and to be at the forefront of energy conservation and environmental protection technology." Wang Huasheng chairman, said the changzhou 51 lamps co., LTD., promote innovation strength and core technology will not stop the footsteps, to exceed customer expectations as the goal, continued commitment to LED lights and LED energy-saving products market development, Europe and the United States and build the world famous large headlights customer and China famous auto and auto strategy alliance, lay in the dominant position of the auto industry and energy-saving industry step by step, happiness enterprises laid the foundation for the future, a better future for mankind to the best of a heart. Dedicated, professional and concentrate on prices relative to the general life of LED products, automotive LED components and modules rigorous many the required quality level, in the face of the lamp, under the strict requirements of a consortium of changzhou 51 lamps co., LTD., constant innovation person, its not only by the auto industry a number of automotive LED components national patent certification, its development and design of the LED lights also through various world light metal authentication module, the LED lamp module optical & thermal design, production process and the pursuit of zero defect quality system, etc., have accumulated quite a wealth of experience. In order to differentiate and stand out in the fierce market competition, Chairman Wang Huasheng believes that the company not only has unique R & D technology and certification, but also has an enterprise culture that must achieve its mission and the ability to pursue zero-defect design, manufacturing process and quality assurance. Unlike many of his peers, "he said of pure OEM, our strengths in design, customers provide preliminary ideas, as long as the lamp Hella a consortium, including world Ventra, Flex - N - Gate, Varroc Lighting, such as demand for all kinds of lights needed components and modules, we can quickly help customers complete the professional design, help them obtain EMI/EMC certification, establish a good quality, smooth production." Due to its focus on its own basic market, under the design service and technology deep ploughing, Changzhou Wuyi Lighti
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